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nathanreynolds.jpgLittle NathanReynolds being silly, as per usual. My name is Nathan Reynolds, I live in [WWW]Old Stratford1, over in good ol' Blighty. I'm the creator of the [WWW]DruidWiki, which was running on [WWW]MoinMoin wiki code, but now that Sycamore is around, I've migrated the DruidWiki to Sycamore, and I'm toying with a migration script, to ease the transition from a MoinMoin wiki to a Sycamore wiki.

You can get in touch with me at <>, or you can find out what I'm up to at my [WWW]blog.


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I liked your little [WWW] video! I think something like that, maybe in flash or something (so the file would be smaller) might work well as a general Sycamore demo.

Also, I noticed the Bookmarks area on the Druid Wiki is a bit odd with the Sage page (as I saw in the video). Make sure you do an svn update of your Sycamore code directory to ensure the MySQL fix from a few days ago makes it in there. If that doesn't fix the strange display on the Sage page, let me know and we can try and fix it up. It's possible it has something to do with the import, but we ought to be able to fix it regardless. —PhilipNeustrom

2006-07-06 13:21:14   great and i can follow. my passive English seems to be better :) —DetlevLengsfeld

2011-01-30 22:00:32   test —PedoBear

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