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My name is Philip Neustrom and I'm one of the co-creators of the [davis]Davis Wiki. I'm also the lead developer for Sycamore, so if you have any patches please send them my way. My email address is <philipn REMOVEME  AT gmail DOT com>. Jabber:, AIM: CodeToad01.

I'm a recent graduate of the University of California, Davis with a BS in Mathematics. I'm interested in photography, free software and coffee.

See also my [wikispot]page on the Wiki Spot hub.


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2006-06-22 23:23:16   high, can you explain a bit you develop-env! Which editor do you use and in wich way do you develop/test turn around your code? —

2006-06-22 23:24:35   my qustion! :) Today i will try to understand the :( —DetlevLengsfeld

2006-06-23 03:00:07   Hi Philip, I see you've changed the minimal requirement of Python 2.3 to 2.4. I'm using 2.3, would this contribute to me UTF8 issues? —NathanReynolds

2006-06-28 13:33:13   [WWW] "19th June 2006 - The bookmarking feature now works!" -> Did you update the Sycamore Subversion code repository with the fix? —

2007-04-17 01:30:59   Very nice wiki software! Go Python! —StephenDay

2007-04-18 03:12:28   Okay, I made a simple logo for this wiki, have it, tinylogo.pngDavidPoole

2008-04-01 08:54:51   python plz ktx —BrentLaabs

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