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Build mysql-python


This page is a set of instructions for building mysql-python version 1.2.1_p2 for running on Ubuntu 6.06. The default version of mysql-python in the repository for Ubuntu 6.06 does NOt work with Sycamore. Since Ubuntu 6.06 is set for long term support, it may be a wise choice in many situations to manually build and install mysql-python that works, rather than upgrade to Ubuntu 6.10.]

  1. Requirements
  2. Checkout source code
  3. Build and install
  4. Done


Currently, there are no instructions on this page for getting the requirements, however here is the list of packages required to build mysql-python version 1.2.1_p2.

Checkout source code

Use SVN to checkout the code for mysql-python version 1.2.1_p2. The command should be

sudo svn co DEST_DIR
Where DEST_DIR is the directory you would like the package to go into on the local machine.

Build and install

Delete from your MySQLdb installation to avoid the error that has the message  ImportError: cannot import name ImmutableSet . You can see details on that at [WWW]django wiki.

Move to the project compile directory, and run  sudo python build  if/when that is successful, then run sudo python install


Great, now you have built mysql-python version 1.2.1_p2, and can continue your Sycamore install

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