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Coding Standards


This page is an effort to document the recommended coding standards for Project Sycamore.

Python Code

Unless otherwise stated all Sycamore python code must follow the [WWW]Style Guide for Python Code.

Note: Please spell out acronyms if there is no word before the acronym (for example use CommandLineInterface instead of just CLI).


Class Names

All class names must follow the CapitalizedWords format.


class Page(object):
class GroupDict(DictDict):

The following is an example with an embedded acronym.

class RequestCLI(RequestBase):

File and Directory Names

The following restrictions have been made for all file and directory names.


This section describes the coding standards for all structures related to the database.


The following restrictions have been made for all database table names.


The same restrictions for tables apply to all database views. The following conditions also apply.


The following restrictions have been made for all database field names.


The following restrictions have been made on all database queries.


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This all looks good to me.PhilipNeustrom

2007-07-12 03:14:28   I'm working through PEP-8 in the wikis branch. It will take a while for all of the code to be in a standardized format, but it's already looking much better. —PhilipNeustrom

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