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Feature Requests


Do you have an idea for a feature that should be part of the default system? Check out the [WWW]current list of enhancements in development and share your idea here is its not listed.

Wiki Spot: If you have a feature request for Wiki Spot, visit the [wikispot]Wiki Spot Feature Request page.

    1. Macros with bodies
    2. Smarter RSS Entries
    3. Syntax Highlighting
    4. Getting the Benefits of Active MoinMoin Development
    5. WYSIWYG editor

Macros with bodies

This may seem a little off-the-wall, but I've been using Confluence wiki software, where this is possible, and it seems very usefull. For example, this draws a little chart:

{chart:type=bar|title=Fish Sold}
|| Fish Type || 2004 || 2005 ||
|| Herring | 9,500 | 8,300 |
|| Salmon | 2,900 | 4,200 |
|| Tuna | 1,500 | 1,500 |

There are many others that use the body data in a similar way (sql,templates,fancy tables,etc). Anyhow, it seems to open up possibilies where normal parameters may not work. Another thing that you can do is put a macro in the body of another macro:
{column}Some stuff{column}
{column}More stuff{column}

Smarter RSS Entries

Please include highlighted diffs in the RSS feed, plus at least one more link: one to the changes, in addition to the one to the entry itself (which is what the RSS defined link is right now). It would be even nicer just to have a set of "View/Changes/Edit/Info" links at the bottom of the highlighted diff. It would drastically increase the usability of the RSS change feeds.

Syntax Highlighting

Please could we have some wiki markup to highlight syntax? Python, C and PHP would be my preference. Even if just one language was supported, it would make it much easier for someone like myself (bad programmer :-)) to extend the support to other languages without much difficulty. Thanks for writing Sycamore by the way!

Getting the Benefits of Active MoinMoin Development

If I understand correctly, Sycamore is a fork of [WWW]MoinMoin. Meanwhile, MoinMoin development continues with many nice new features. As just one example of the new features that have been added since the fork, MoinMoin supports the new [WWW]Creole common wiki markup syntax.

Is there any reasonable way to get the benefits of the energy of MoinMoin development for the Wiki Spot community? Could the additional features of Sycamore be added into MoinMoin, effectively merging the fork? Could new features of MoinMoin be added to Sycamore, or has the software architecture diverged too much?

I am curious whether it would be worthwhile proposing investigating this kind of thing as 1 or more student projects.

WYSIWYG editor

I've noticed some forums and WordPress allow WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet editing. How feasible would it be to bring this to Sycamore?

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