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    1. Mapping Development
      1. Bugs with address macro
      2. Google Maps Alternatives
      3. Open Layers Implementation
    2. Map Upgrade Code Sprint
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        1. Schedule
      2. Locations
      3. Participants
      4. Plan
      5. Todo List
      6. Code

See [wikispot]Mapping Discussion on the Wiki Spot hub for more discussion.

Preview of new map viewer:
wikimap.pngUsing OpenLayers wikimaposm.pngUsing OpenLayers and OpenStreetmap with Data wikimaposm-compare.pngCode used in a normal page doesn't have boxes around it's pngs

maplegendpreview.pngBrent added CSS and a somewhat working legend

Mapping Development

Bugs with address macro

A number of bugs have been identified in the Address macro. See [WWW]Ticket #59 for more information.
Bug resolved

Google Maps Alternatives

In the future, the [WWW]OpenStreetMap project may provide another resource for map data.

Open Street Map already has a remote site embeddable map system: [WWW]Slippy Map that should be well suited for our needs and it has the added benefit of being a wiki too so it seems like the right target, IMHO ;-)

Open Layers Implementation

[WWW]OpenLayers a FOSS mapping API provides a good way for us to implement an open mapping scheme that can use widely available data sources like Google, Yahoo, Nasa, OpenStreetMap along side specific data sources obtained from city, county and university GIS departments.
A new branch in the source code was started to work on this
svn co sycamore_map
Contact AlexMandel for more information or to help out.

So, of course, the "specific data sources" part of open layers is the best part. What's involved in us pulling the UCD / City GIS, for instance? Is it MapServer that powers the server end of things? Ideally we want to be able to run a Wiki Spot map server and bring in more data sources if possible...

More to come on this topic later down the line.

Map Upgrade Code Sprint

December 2008 we plan to upgrade the mapping features of [wikispot]wikispot with a 2-day Coding sprint.




If you think you have a location with good internet, proximity to food and room for 10 geeks let us know by listing it here.

Right now based on the low RSVP


Add yourself and role if you know it.


1. Create a new overview map of all data using OpenLayers & OpenStreetmap as the base.
2. Fix OpenStreetMap tiling which was giving me issues tonight, probably
because I didn't implement projections yet.
3a. Plot local data points on map with markers
3b. Pop-bubbles and link to their pages within the wiki.

To Do:
4. Deal with large datasets efficiently — We need to implement some type of clustering and resolution based
display to data to make it efficient.
5. Make it pretty - markers, legend, page text etc.
6. We should generate GeoRSS, Geojson and or kml from the database
6. Overhaul mini maps to use OSM as default
7. Edit admin interface to set starting map.
7. Allow for wiki admins to add other wms, wfs layers easily (Airphotos, example for Davis)
8. A search tool
9. category based thematic display

Todo List


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