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Markup Test Suite


This is an entry containing all types of markup and markup quirks. This is intended as a quick reference for how the markup is specifically rendered, and not as a tutorial for users. For a user tutorial, see Help on Editing. Functions, including links and images, are not included on this page.

  1. Paragraphs and lines
  2. Headers
  3. Header Level One
    1. Header Level Two
      1. Header Level Three
        1. Header Level Four
          1. Header Level Five
            1. Header Level Six
      2. Indented Header Level Three
  4. Text Formatting
  5. Lists
  6. Tables

Paragraphs and lines

A paragraph is a line with no breaks. It can be long, but must not have a CR in it.
No empty line will produce a <br> effect.

An empty line will produce a <p> effect.


Header Level One

Header Level Two

Header Level Three

Header Level Four
Header Level Five
Header Level Six

Text Formatting

Mixing italics and bold:

You might recall a2 `+` b2 `=` c2 from your math lessons, unless your head is filled with H2O.


If you indent text

And if you put asterisks at the start of the line

A numbered list, mixed with bullets:

  1. one

  2. two

    1. one

      • bullet 1

      • bullet 2

    2. two

  3. three

Variations of numbered lists:



another term

and its definition


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