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Nods is a theoricical donation system proposed by FarMcKon (and refined by HeatherYager). The goal of the system is to allow users to support the wiki in a way that recognizes them for their support, and highlights what they like/love about the wiki they are supporting.

Nod is a working name for the idea, but it might get a better name later.

A Nod

A single 'nod' is a single donation, of any dollar amount. A $3,000 donation or a $3 donation is a single nod. On the donation page, the user can specify the 'page' the Nod is for (if no page is specified, it goes on the Front Page). If there any 'nods' for a page, along the 'edit/Info/Talk" list there would be a 'nods' icon, and below it a count of the text "X nods" where X is the currrent total of Nods in the name of the page. the nods icon would change color or something when the number of nods goes over 25, 50,100, 500, etc. (numbers are just a rough idea).

Example Image 1


In the same way that "PageName\Talk" exists, there would be a "PageName\Nods" page. That page would be acl to admin, and a script called 'noddy'. Noddy would run when a donation is complete, update the 'nod' page (so people can see who has been nodding what). The page would list (in most-recent to oldest' the nodder, the amount of the nod (for those that care) and the 'reason' for the nod (if they fill out the 'extra info stuff in the paypay donation).

Example Image 2


There would also be a 'nooder info' page similar to 'stats' that would list all users, and their total nods (# and $ amount) and a 'user nods' (like 'user stats') people could put on their personal pages.


This is a rough idea, I'd love feedback!


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2006-06-25 21:07:02   I think this is a non-obtrusive friendly and user-centric way to let people support their wiki's. I'd love myself to be able to 'nod' stuff (reviews I like, myself, etc). I like how it makes $ amounts available, but they are a 'second derivitive' of the nod itself, and the number of nods. The point is not the amount of money, but that the page was worth the hassle and a little $ to flag it as special. That said, some people do care about the amount (a little bit or a lot) so the extra macros let those that care list their nods and amount on their personal pages. —FarMcKon

2006-06-25 21:09:44   I do think this is a good idea, just one possible problem I see. Whats to prevent someone from abusing nods? IE, making a bunch of accounts, making 10cent donations with each, and giving a page 1000 nods. I know its no a big problem, but something that should be considered in the planning stage. —ZacMorris

2006-11-22 22:29:55   1000 nods at $0.10 each is $100 for the wiki, baby! I think the idea of letting people demonstrate appreciation for specific pages is a great idea. Makes me think of I think association of payment directed at a certain page may detract from its use, though. If it were free to do your "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" with an option instead of mandatory donation, I think that'd be more useful. Also, it'd help direct people to the more interesting pages. —

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