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The latest and greatest version of Sycamore is the one that is in our Git repository (currently .1b). Get it using this shell command, which requires [WWW]Subversion Git:

 git clone git:// 

  1. Sycamore .1d
    1. Upgrading from 0.1b
  2. Sycamore .1b
    1. Upgrading from 0.1a
  3. Sycamore .1a
  4. Future versions
    1. 0.2
    2. 0.3

Sycamore .1d

Available via Git:  git clone git:// 

Upgrading from 0.1b

  1. Make a backup of your wiki. Don't upgrade a live site without testing things first!

  2. Run python

  3. Go into the share/convert/2006_08_29_wikis directory. Run python This upgrades you to the new security system.

  4. Run python, python, python

  5. Open in a text editor and alter the line starting with tzs = {.... Change "yourwikishortname" to the value (in your configuration file) of wiki_name. Change the "US/Pacific" part to the standard timezone your wiki users are in.

  6. Go into 2007_08_19_usernotify and run python

  7. There'll be a few unfinished edges on your wiki, page/file wise:

Sycamore .1b

Available via SVN:  svn co sycamore_1b 

Release notes: Generic file attachment support was added. CSS and system images, such as the wiki logo, were moved to and managed by the Wiki Settings/CSS and Wiki Settings/Images pages.

Upgrading from 0.1a

Run python when in the share/convert directory. If you've re-arranged your files you will need to edit and change the line

sys.path.extend([os.path.abspath(os.path.join(__directory__, '..', '..'))]) 
to read sys.path.extend(['/location/to/your/Sycamore'])

Sycamore .1a

The initial Sycamore version.

Available via SVN: sycamore_1a

Future versions

Consistent with [WWW]the roadmap on trac.


GUI editor, code cleanup


Major code reorganization, Semantic wiki

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