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Setup Redirects


This page covers how to setup Apache2 Redirects with Sycamore Sapling on a Linux box. These instructions will make sure that 'index.cgi' does not show up in the URL's for pages so that URL's are cleaner.

For example, on the basic install setup using standard CGI a preview screen for 'Stuff' page will show the URL .

After setting up redirects, the same page will then be at .

Edit the Apache2 setup

You will need to edit your Apache2 settings so that they redirect properly. If the URL no longer contains index.cgi. this involves rediecting Scripts and other requests (generally images) seperately. In your site setup for Apache, you will have to add redirects as shown below. If your Apache2 is setup as [WWW]generally recommended, your setup file will be in /etc/apache2/sites-available under the website name.

The examples here are for a website who's base install location is /home/rocwiki/trunk/ This will be certainly different on your machine. Add to the Virtual Host section:
Alias /wiki /home/rocwiki/trunk/share/web/wiki 
ScriptAlias / /home/rocwiki/trunk/share/web/index.cgi/

Edit the Sycamore Config

In your /basedir/share/ file, edit the line for relative_dir so that it is an empty string, i.e., relative_dir = ''.

Restart apache

This is generally done by running the command apache2ctl restart

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