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RE: Your question on Davis Wiki: The reason no one is maintaining Sycamore is that we are hard at work on its replacement, the new LocalWiki software. If you throw your email address in the "help out and get more info" box at [WWW] you'll get an email as soon as we can start accepting outside code contributions (in a couple weeks, hopefully). You can also follow some small updates here: [WWW]

The reason for not adapting the Sycamore software any further is longer. But the short version is: it's just not very good and it's rather old. MoinMoin, which we built off of years ago, was developed prior to the advent of the modern web framework. —PhilipNeustrom

2010-12-17 16:47:19   Cool, thanks for your reply. I would still like to have a look at the Sycamore code as I was into programming about fifteen years ago and I need to update my knowledge. Is there any reason that the Sycamore github repository hasn't been added to the wiki? I would add it but when I added some comments to a talk page they were deleted. —jonpatterns

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