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Sycamore is no longer actively maintained. We are working on new, modern wiki software as a part of the [WWW]LocalWiki effort. See [WWW] for development information. Join us!

We intend to create migration scripts to port over Sycamore-based wikis to the new software when things reach a point of relative stablity and featureful-ness.

Sycamore is a fast and easy to use wiki engine with a focus on providing solid features rather than every feature. Sycamore is free software and is available under the GNU GPL.


All pages are easily editable and a full revision history is available on each page and each image.

Ease of use

Sycamore's development has focused on wikis with real-world userbases — everyday, non-technical folks use Sycamore wikis. We think wikis should be easy for everyone, and our user interface tries to emphasize the essentials rather than all possible details.

Keeping an eye on changes

diff_area.pngViewing changes is easy

Wikis are a catalyst for change and so being able to see what exactly is changing on your wiki is important. Every Sycamore wiki has a Recent Changes page that shows all of the changes in the wiki. Because not everyone can keep track of all these possible changes, Sycamore has a "Bookmarks" functionality that allows pages to be easily remembered as well as tracked.

Sycamore has an intuitive differences area, where you can see changes to the page side-by-side and easily move between versions of the page.

feed_icon.png RSS 2.0 syndication feeds are available for all pages in a Sycamore wiki. A user-specific RSS feed for the Bookmarks page is also available and shows all changes made to pages in the user's bookmarks.

Getting Started

You can currently find Sycamore only in our git code repository. The latest code can be checked out from git:

git clone git://

See Releases for more information on version options.
Installation instructions are available at How to Install.


Sycamore Tools

MoinMoin Migration Script - A script to migrate from MoinMoin to Sycamore.

Word2SycamoreWiki VB Macro - A VisualBasic Macro for converting Word Documents to Sycamore wiki markup

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