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How to Migrate from MoinMoin

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Migration Procedure

First things first, you will need a fresh installation of Sycamore. Follow the installation instructions before continuing with a MoinMoin migration. Don't forget, you'll also need data from a working MoinMoin installation.

During the course of the normal Sycamore install you will end up creating a database with your database software. Before beginning this procedure you need to ensure the database is empty. Using MySQL you can do this with DROP DATABASE nameofwiki; CREATE DATABASE nameofwiki;, and with PostgreSQL you can do this with DROP DATABASE nameofwiki; CREATE DATABASE nameofwiki WITH ENCODING='UTF8';

So far, this procedure has been tested with the following versions of MoinMoin

If you want to migrate and you have a version of MoinMoin prior to 1.3.5 you should follow the MoinMoin instructions for moving from your version to a version relatively close to 1.3.5, at least for now.

Absolute first step

Because this migration was designed to migrate from MoinMoin to Sycamore 0.1a, you'll need to have Sycamore 0.1a rather than the latest Sycamore. You can obtain version 0.1a by doing a checkout: svn co This will be your basic Sycamore install, so set up 0.1a as you would normally before proceeding.


First you need to grab the DBConversion tools from the Sycamore subversion repository. Change directory to your sycamore_base, and issue a svn co

Edit the sycamore_base/DBConversion/ and alter the sys.path.extend command to reflect the path to your share directory and to the directory containing the "Sycamore" directory. Example:
sys.path.extend(['/var/www/', '/var/www/']) 

Next, you need to place your MoinMoin data into the expected places. You will require your data/pages and data/user directories, along with the main edit-log, copy them all to your sycamore_base/share/web/data directory.

Next, you need to prepare the apps directory, create the directory sycamore_base/share/web/apps1. Then copy events.xml and userstats.xml from sycamore_base/DBConversion to that directory.

Now issue the command python DBConversion/

If you didn't get any errors, your data should be imported.


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